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These classes are provided with the intention of positively influencing and helping to prepare inmates toward non-criminal acts and lifestyles upon release. However some inmates are court ordered to attend certain classes.
Substance Abuse Program: SAP also known as “Get a Life Substance Abuse Program” is a 6-month course that meets 40 hours a week. This collection of classes covers several areas of concern for individuals recovering from drug/alcohol abuse. Inmates also receive goodtime credit and earn money while attending the course. During the course individuals receive information from a state certified counselor and local volunteers in the following areas:
  Recovery Dynamics Is a 12-step program that helps individuals understand and maximize the teachings given by Alcoholics Anonymous.
  Criminal Thinking Errors Works to show the differences in thinking patterns between offenders and non-offenders. Allowing participants to develop interventions to assist in preventing further offenses and future incarceration.
  Rational Behavioral Training Is a group designed to assist in understanding the relationship between perceptions and the emotional states that that drive behavior. Allowing individuals to understand and reduce negative emotional states when possible.
  Substance Abuse Education Is designed to educate individuals about many drugs and how they affect the body physically and the impact of these substances on brain chemistry.
  Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous Consists of lectures, study groups and discussion based on the programs of AA and NA.
  Relapse Prevention Is designed to identify thoughts, feelings, actions and situations that lead individuals to relapse back into active drug abuse. Allowing them to build and plan a prevention plan for the future.
  Group Counseling Covers a wide variety of topics, facilitated by an instructor certified with the state.
Other Classes Offered
Religious Services: Services are offered weekly to every inmate.
Malachi Dads: This nationwide program is run locally by volunteers from HR Ministries. The program is designed to develop skills in five key areas: fathering, spiritual, educational, moral and vocational.
Great Banquet Religious Retreat: This program began in the Jail in 2005 and continues by offering both a male and female retreat annually.
Parenting: The parenting class is sponsored by the Hopkins County Family Advocacy Center instructors and deals with skills for parenting children.
WorkKeys: Is an assessment system to provide skill-based credentials. Employer’s nation wide use WorkKeys to determine employment and job placement. Upon completion participants are awarded a certificate from Madisonville Community College.
GED:Is an all-inclusive class that allows for pre-testing to establish areas, which require improvement. Study group classes to help individuals prepare and improve and final testing that allows individuals to obtain their GED certificate from the state.
Conquering Chemical Dependency: CCD is a 12-week state recognized program taught by licensed counselors.
Driving Under the Influence: DUI is a state approved program taught by certified Instructors.
Alcohol Anonymous & Narcotics: AA/NA class is a five-step program taught by local volunteers.
Anger Management: taught by local volunteers.
Moral Reconation Therapy: MRT is a systematic, cognitive-behavioral, step by step treatment strategy designed to enhance self image, promote growth of a positive, productive identity, and facilitate the development of higher stages of moral reasoning.
These classes are available to all state inmates and qualified county inmates.