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Home Incarceration

The home incarceration and work release programs are both available at the Hopkins County Jail. To participate in either program the sentencing judge must grant the privilege by court order. There are specific requirements for each that must be fulfilled prior to the start of the programs and rules that govern both through completion. For both programs the offender must pass a drug tests before beginning to ensure those participating remain drug free while under Jail supervision. Listed below are the rules and requirements for both as well as the forms that must be completed prior to entering the programs.


Home Incarceration
This program is an alternative to incarcerating an offender inside the jail. It allows the offender to remain at home while being monitored by GPS. The offender must stay in areas approved by the court; such as, alcohol and drug treatment classes. The offender must also have a sentence of 180 days or less.
Work Release
This program allows an offender who is currently incarcerated in the facility to maintain current employment or continue to attend school. The offender will have a pre-approved schedule of release and return times that allows travel time to and from work/school. This program requires that forms be submitted by both the offender and their employer.